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A day of human kindness for those experiencing homelessness because everyone deserves to be loved.

How the Skid Row Carnivals of Love started

The Skid Row Carnival of Love was an annual event founded to bring together the LA community to shine light into a part of town that many of us forget exists.

Unfortunately, our annual Skid Row Carnival of Love has been unable to continue due to the pandemic. Regardless, the service, the love, and the spirit endure. Right now, we plan to have mini-Skid Row Carnivals of Love with the same inspiring dedication and passion once it’s safe to gather in large groups.

Each mini Carnival would be themed based on specific needs within the community, such as a “Wellness Carnival” featuring haircuts, foot washing, healthy food, meditation, and hygiene products or a “Work Development Carnival” focused on job security, providing resume building, invited recruiters, transportation gift cards, and interview dress and coaching.