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Did you know the cost rate of a volunteer is $28.54

The true value though is:

Translating corporate skills to volunteer skills
Supporting first-rate programs and events
Benefiting some of the most vulnerable in our society
Knowing you had a hand in changing a small part of the world for the better
Seeing a smile
Feeling the love

Be the change!

Here is the link to sign up to volunteer. 

BeLove.org believes that the power to transform the world is through love; we strive to encourage every community member to share their kindness with our unhoused neighbors on Skid Row by connecting with service opportunities that make a difference. We have remote volunteering options with notes of encouragement, education, advocacy projects, and in-person volunteering options with food delivery and PPE distribution projects.

Please join your community and keep the love going by volunteering. Our neighbors need your help.

All of our volunteers fill out a short universal background check from Sterling Volunteers which allows them to volunteer at most nonprofits nationwide.