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Transforming the way communities see and respond to the needs of people experiencing homelessness



BeLove.org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports charitable programs inspired by Wayfarer Studios’ content.

We create and execute events, provide programs and opportunities for communities to engage with our causes, and partner with other non-profit organizations.
We celebrate life. We share compassion and love with the intention of creating lasting positive change in the world. We. Are. BeLove.org


While we are a Baháʼí-inspired organization, we respect and celebrate all religious devotions and differences and provide equal employment opportunities for all. We have established a set of values that apply to all our work and interactions with each other.


We believe in the vision and focus areas of the charity and seek to carry out that mission in our interactions with each other through justice, truthfulness, gratitude, inclusion, a posture of learning, and the ways below:

We seek to inspire people to feel deeply and to appreciate our oneness

We believe in something greater than ourselves and strive to be of service

We strive for excellence with kindness and compassion

We believe that inclusive decision-making benefits from collective wisdom and consultation

We seek to be trustworthy, transparent, and accountable to ourselves and one another for our actions

We believe in steadfastness in the face of tests and trials

We believe in dedication to personal and collective spiritual growth


To pursue projects that advance justice, unity, and world peace. We know that we can achieve this through the following ways: Eliminating Racism, Promoting the Emancipation of Women, Promoting Universal Education, Eliminating the Disparity Between Rich and Poor, Promoting the Oneness of Humanity, Empowering Youth and Embracing the Arts.

Our Impact

Belove.org has been serving people on the streets of Los Angeles for over five years bringing love, dignity and compassion to people experiencing homelessness. Our program engages volunteers and community partners who work alongside our unhoused neighbors to provide immediate assistance and help address the systems causing homelessness.

We want to change the way people see and understand homelessness so that neighbor to neighbor we can lift each other up through love, partnership and compassion to transform communities. We believe homelessness can be solved but it’s up to all of us to make it happen.Your support can help make this wish a reality- changing stumbling blocks into steping stones.

California has the highest % of unsheltered homelessness of any state. Unfortunately, being unsheltered drastically increases your chances of facing health challenges, violence, trauma, and longer lengths of homelessness.

Based on a UCLA study that came out in 2019 (before COVID), people who reported being unsheltered were 25 times more likely to have trimorbidity- physical and mental illness and substance abuse issues- than those sheltered. So please join us during this critical time to show our brothers and sisters we see, love, and care.

“The point was never to try to end homelessness or fix the problem – because truthfully it’s far more complicated than we could ever realize – but we can spread love and we can connect with people. Sometimes all people need is hope.”

–Justin Baldoni,  BeLove CoFounder

Meals served each month

People predicted to be served by the end of the year

Partner Agencies regularly serving alongside to carry out our work

Backpacks, diapers, clothes and shoes served so far

"Where there is love there is life" - Gandhi